About dynlist

Dynlist is by design a library to implement flexible memory allocation, as opposed to the classic way to use arrays in C/C++. The problem of overly static allocation had been addressed in C++s' vectors, but no satisfactory C solution was made. Dynlist aims to fill that void. Some concepts might seem familiar to python programmers, and that's because python's concepts of lists was a main source of inspiration.


The following features are currently implemented:

  • Creating and deleting (clearing) dynlist objects
  • Creating and removing items within a list
  • Adding an item to a list at a specified index
  • Retrieving an item from a list at a specified index
  • Compiling a dynamic list to a static array
  • Decompiling a static array to a dynamic list
  • Retrieving the total number of bytes used by a specified list
  • Retrieving the number of items within a list
  • Swap two items in a list at specified indices
  • Reverse a list in-place
  • Join two lists
  • Splitting a list
  • Support for python-style negative indexing